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The Challenge Begins

     Hope every on had a great Thanksgiving last week.  I was at quite a feast, hence the delay in a new post.

    Now onto the present.
   This theme, of being open to change was reinforced when I saw the post for this years Great Release Challenge from Silver RavenWolf.  The details can be found on her blog  at the link posted below.
     Last year was a hard, I have to admit.  This time last year lead me to self reflect on working with individuals who tested me, forcing me to grow in areas that where uncomfortable.  For good measure, there was also moments of the greatest joys followed by sorrows.  Even now, there are ways where I currently see ego attempting to thwart me on this path.  However, this time of year is for removing and making room.  Who knows all that may flourish in this reclaimed space?  This year I have plans for being more successful.  Though we recently moved and  cleaned out bags of refuse and donated items, I know there are remnants of the old, worn out and out dated that need to eliminated.  In addition, what can beat the pleasure of having a clean house to make merry in.
     Our homes may be considered temples for those of us who are spiritual creatures living in a secular world. Taking time to clean and beautify our temples is a way we can connect with the divine so why not pray or make magic while we undertake these tasks.   Let us not forget that there is another temple which may need tending to, our physical bodies.  This vessel in which we reside while on this journey can benefit from periodic maintenance.  If you are overdue for an appointment with a doctor or health care practitioner, schedule an appointment as a present for yourself and loved ones this holiday season.  
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All good things in all good time

For the past 7 weeks, I have been working on paperwork and other necessary items in order to start my medical practice.  Maybe it is better that before one graduates from school, you really comprehend what is next.  As a student, I worked with a practitioner whom had been in practice for less than 5 years.  I smugly thought to myself that I had learned a lot about what starting a practice would be like.  I saw a slow practice, with a single individual performing the role of physician, front desk and billing manager.  Through that time I thought to myself, I can do this.  If I had only known the hours of work required to just get to the point of having documents, sundries and seeing patients.  For me, it has been now 7 weeks of pricing goods, ordering supplies, and endless hours waiting for phone calls or emails that arrive slowly if at all.
At times, I think to myself, why did I not do this or that while I was still in school.  After these thoughts I remember, I worked like a crazy person during school and completed as much as I could.  Now here I am spending money on rent for an office that has yet to see a patient.  Many times a day I remind myself, that I am getting so much work done.  It just happens to take a few hours to search 4 different vendors to price items before deciding where to place an order from.  If my day is not spent pricing, I am returning phone calls, emails, registering for professional organizations and finalizing forms.
There have been small successes, being a consulted physician, scheduling 2 speaking engagements, and passed out upwards of 350 business cards.  In addition, I have introduced myself and talked to any one who I could get to listen.  For those individuals who thought after hearing the practices name and my specialty that I had nothing to offer them, I would ask a few choice questions to find out how I could make myself look desirable.  Though this work has yet to lead to a scheduled appointment, I continue on-wards through the paperwork I need to finish and attempt to enjoy this time as it will never be quite like this again.                                                

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Some times things begin

    The autumn time, this time of darkness before new potentials are made apparent.  In this new town, this time seems painfully prolonged.  We recently moved to a new home town.  A place to fulfill our dreams for tomorrow.  This was a decision to find a town in which to settle.   This was not simply to be a place where we pass through on the pursuit of higher education.  Here, we have found a place to be settled.
      Never before have I lived where into the end of November, there are still leaves on deciduous trees.  To my amazement, not only are they still attached to the trees, a number of cultivar are still green.   Those however, whom have chosen to show off their hues did not disappoint.  It has certainly be a pleasure to witness the brilliant colors as well as those I had not previously experienced.
In this time of new things and ways of being.  It must also be balanced by that which is being shed.  This time of year, are there lessons to be learned in  the way deciduous trees shed leaves.  I too was in a process of shedding.  A time for hair cuts and looking at the self.  What was it that I wanted to carry through into the winter.

Thank you new town, for your wonders and experiences.  I truly look forward to the years of discovery before me.

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